I went to my first Paramore concert last monday (11-4-13) and it was the legit best day of my life. I am so happy, I’m in such a trance. I thought I’d go the rest of my life without seeing them live, BUT I DID. Also, I was super close to them. It was with Hellogoodbye and Metric. HGB was first and they were ok but when they played “Here in your Arms” they used so much autotune :c but the guitarist and the singer were taking stuff off the set so Metric could come on and the guitarist kissed him on the cheek and everyone cheered xD Metric was just amazing and they started with Black Sheep and it went on for an hour but she was so awesome. She even had the cutest voice, just awh. Then….. Paramore. The lights went out and a minute went by. Then we all heard the first guitar noises and omygod the curtain dropped and I was shaking and filming and just thinking that it was unreal and it wasn’t happening. They were amazing and I was headbanging most of the time. I love Paramore so much and I love all of the members too. Hayley is just so open and lovely and she is so inspirational to me to be positive. Bless their moms. 




Anyone Else But You - Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert


This needs to be brought back

Chayley feels <3

"Paramore will be legends."